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Study: Effect of Vaping On Heart Function

It is common knowledge that cigarette smoking creates multiple health risks. One of the more adverse diseases caused by smoking is coronary heart disease, a leading cause of death in the US. Among many other health and lifestyle reasons, the serious health conditions associated with smoking is one of the main motivators for smokers to switch to vaping. With health consciousness growing in the field of nicotine consumption, numerous studies have been conducted to examine the direct effects of vaping on health. In relation to heart disease, it is important for this research to be conducted to give people the knowledge and understanding of how vaping really affects our health, as it is a relatively new occurrence. One particular study investigated the instant effects of both smoking and vaping. The study measured the heart function a few minutes after vaping or smoking, compared to a baseline reading prior to any smoking or vaping. Results found that those who smoked had an instant and significant change in heart functioning, and those who vaped had no adverse effects. It was concluded, “This study provides the first clinical evidence that electronic cigarettes have less acute adverse effects on myocardial function when compared to tobacco cigarettes.”


It is important to note, however, that as vaping is such a new form of nicotine ingestion, there needs to be much more study into the long terms effects, to confidently conclude that it is safe. Compared to smoking, the results do point at it being a safer method, but as it is still nicotine consumption, this does not mean that vaping is 100% fine for the body’s health.


To find out more about how you can quit smoking and switch to vaping visit your local e-cigarette store.


How to Maximize Your Results: Smoker’s Transition to Vaping

Upgrading e-cig vaporizer with kanthal clapton coil dripSwitching to a safer, healthier alternative than smoking is one of the main reasons people begin vaping. To help to curb cravings and allow you to maintain the element of routine is paramount for those tapering themselves from a smoking addiction. Some people also come to vaping without any background of smoking, but purely for the novel pleasure and social function. For those, however, coming off smoking and looking to get the most out of the vaping process to help with their transition, here are a few tips on how best to utilize the vaping technique so as to get the most benefit from the experience.


There are generally two types of vaping styles. Mouth-to-lung inhalation is more suited to how smokers inhale. In this two step process, you draw the ‘smoke’ into the lungs, and then into the mouth. The resistance and airflow settings need to be tweaked here to ensure that this form of vaping flows with more ease, like tighter airflow. Take longer, slower puffs when vaping to draw the process out longer to get more effect. It is said that it can take about 30 min to get the same amount of nicotine from your vape than it would from 5 mins of smoking, so for those looking to really aid their cravings in the transition, vape for much longer.

The other form of vaping is the direct-to-lung style, which is where the vapor directly comes down into the lungs in one process as you inhale. This requires a much larger airflow setting on your device. It is recommended for those switching straight from smoking, the mouth-to-lung form is most suitable for the transition, though overtime, you will find your own rhythm and preferred style, depending on the effect you wish to achieve.


The “Two-Year Countdown” On Vaping Products Begin

vapor galleriaAugust 8, 2016 marked a momentous day for vapers and vape shops everywhere as the FDA dropped strict regulation on the selling of new and old vaping products. The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act from the FDA (US Food and Drug Association) has made it so all vaping products are now considered to be “tobacco products.”


So what affect does this have for vaping and vape shops?


The decision is being described by George Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, as a “two-year countdown to FDA prohibition of 99.9% of vapor products on the market.” That seems to be pretty extreme, but he sticks to his claim that if the ruling is not overturned, the vaping industry will be menial after two years.


To understand this claim, let’s analyze what exactly is covered under the ruling and how that will affect vapor stores everywhere:


Virtually Everything Is A Tobacco Product


This means that vaping products are presently subject to regulation by the FDA, this does include nicotine-free and synthetic nicotine products. This leaves a limit on what products are and aren’t legal to sell. Hence vape shops may not be able to sell your favorite product to you.


Moreover, if the product wasn’t commercially marketed on or before August 8 it cannot be introduced into the market. Modifications to prevailing products can neither occur.


Changes For Vape Shop Owners/Employees


There are multiple new storeowner procedures regarding age verification, free samples, labeling, and even helping customers with product setup. You’ll want to inform yourself of all the regulations that are now in effect as there will be surely more to come. The next big date is December 31, 2016 when manufacturers (including importers) must register their establishment(s) and individual products in order to continue selling in the US.


You can visit the American Vaping Association’s website for further information on the FDA ruling and how you will be affected.



European Study-Smokers Using Vaping to Quit

Vapor Galleria Camp WisdomA new study recently came out supporting vaping products and their beneficial use in quitting tobacco cigarettes, instead of using traditional marketed Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT).


According to a press release dated June 27, 2016 from the American Vaping Association, a study was compiled by researchers at the University of Patras-Greece, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre-Greece and the French National Research Institute for Health and Medical Research. The data compiled by the researchers concluded that tobacco smokers are commonly using vaping products as a way to quit or reduce their dependence on tobacco cigarettes. The researchers from the study used a 2014 Eurobarometer survey for their data collection. The Eurobarometer survey evaluates, among other things, patterns in smoking and e-cigarette use. The information from the survey was collected from a questionnaire that was answered by 27, 460 Europeans from 28 countries in the European Union.


The compiled data from the study found that 48.5 million Europeans have tried e-cigarettes, and there are 7.5 million individuals that consider themselves to be current users. Among those who are still vaping there are 35.1% that state they have quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, and another 32.2% have cut-back on their use. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, principal investigator and author of the study, stated in the press release, “These are probably the highest rates of smoking cessation and reduction ever observed in such a large population study.”


According to the press release, the researchers concluded from the study two basic facts about e-cigarettes. The first that vaping is a viable means for smokers to quit smoking altogether, or to at least reduce their dependence on tobacco cigarettes. The second being vaping use tends to be limited to current and former tobacco smokers. In the study there were only 1.3% of non-smokers reported using e-cigarettes containing nicotine, and a small 0.09% of non-smokers reported daily use of electronic cigarettes. There was little reported continued use by non-smokers. This is more evidence, as other studies have concluded, that vaping is not the proverbial gateway to smoking.


Other studies, such as one recently conducted by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), have come to the same conclusions concerning vaping as a means to quit smoking. The RCP recently conducted their own study in the UK, “Nicotine without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction.” In their findings the RCP concluded that E-cigarettes are being marketed as a consumer product, but are more popular among smokers trying to quit or reduce their tobacco cigarette use than traditional Nicotine replacement therapies. Although there may yet be health risks associated with vaping products, the RCP states with today’s products the long-term health risks associated with electronic cigarette use is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from tobacco cigarette use. From their study they concluded in the interest of public health electronic cigarettes, NRT’s and other non-tobacco products should be promoted as a substitute for tobacco cigarette products.


As the studies strongly suggest vaping is a viable means for smokers to quit or reduce their need for traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you are interested in vaping as a result of this study, head out to Vapor Galleria Camp Wisdom where they will answer any question you might have about vaping safety versus smoking safety.


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Vaping Tips

Selecting a Franchise Business

2015-02-11 18.40.38For entrepreneurs today there are many franchise businesses to choose from. Selecting a franchise business may seem a difficult task from the vast number available. Researching every angle of an available franchise before signing any documents will make selecting a franchise business easier.


When selecting a franchise business there are a variety of costs involved in purchasing the business. The first important step is knowing how much money you are willing to initially invest in buying your franchise, and how much money you are able to invest as your franchise business grows. Initial franchise fees may be as low as tens of thousands of dollars or run as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Another expenses that should be considered is the cost to rent a pre-existing office, store, building or facility, or the costs involved in building a new structure. Other investments to consider in a new franchise business may include cost to equip the business, initial inventory, operating licenses, insurance, and promotion fees.


What type of business you are looking for is an important step in selecting a franchise business. The skills, training and education you already possess can be an asset if looking to select a franchise business in a field you are already familiar with. For example, lets say that you enjoy electronic cigarettes and vaping and go into those stores on a normal basis. A Ecig Franchise would be a great next step in your franchisee pursuits. businesses do require training, licensing or certifications for the business owner and employees. These businesses may include real estate agencies, auto repair, interior design, or tax preparation.


Having business goals already in mind when you are selecting a franchise will help in your search for the perfect business. Have a clear understanding of what industry and type of business you would like to work in. Know the environment you want your franchise business in. Also decide whether you want your franchise to be a sales oriented, or service type business.


When selecting a franchise business there are several ways to find businesses you are interested in. Visiting local franchise outlets that are open for business can give you a preview of how that business runs. Other places to help in selecting a franchise business are franchise expositions, franchise brokers, franchise handbooks.These handbooks can either be obtained online or at your local library.


When selecting a franchise business it is important to know that the franchisor is required by regulations to provide you with the Franchise Disclosure Document for the franchise business. This document gives the buyer information to help weigh the risks and benefits of owning that particular franchise. The document is required to include 23 specific items. These items must include information about the franchise, the franchise’s offices and about other franchise owners. The Franchise Disclosure Document is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.


Determining the goals you have for your franchise business, what type of services you intend to offer, and knowing your investment ability are important steps in selecting a franchise business. These steps will ensure you invest in a franchise business that fits your needs, skill level and future goals for you and the business.



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Buying a Franchise Business


A franchise is a business model used in many of today’s industries. Franchise businesses are also called chains. The Small Business Administration explains franchising is when a franchisee sells to a new business owner the use of his licensing trademarks and systems of business.


There are two main formats for a franchise business according to the International Franchise Association: business format franchise and product distribution franchise. The business format model is the most used type of franchise. More than 120 industries use the franchise business model including automotive, lodging, fast food, real estate, and retail products & services.


The first form of franchise business is the business format franchise. For this franchise business model the franchisee sells to the franchisor the ability to use the franchise tradename, products, services, and system for operating the business. The franchisee may offer to the new business owner a full range of services. These services may can include initial training to run the business, operating manuals, marketing assistance, and personnel.


Focus on the product or products that the franchise owns, and distribution of this product is the business model for a product distribution franchise. The product is manufactured by the franchisee and is supplied to the franchisor. Often this type of franchise business model can be found in the bottling, gasoline, automotive and other manufacturing industries.


There are several benefits to owning a franchise business. There is a profitable benefit when the franchise name or their product is already well-known. If the product or trade name has a good reputation there is the basis of a pre-existing customer base. This translates into the ability to draw in new customers much more quickly than if the product or trade name is unknown.


Ongoing support from the franchisee is another benefit of buying into a franchise. The support from the franchise might include anything from the initial set-up of the new franchise business, through helping with the day-to-day running of the business. Other support from the franchise may include toll-free numbers, websites, newsletters, and workshops.


In today’s business market there are many businesses using the franchise model. One of the fastest growing businesses using the franchise business model is the e-cigarette and vapor store franchise market. According to their global market summary report, states that the global e-cigarette market is expected to surpass $50 billion by 2025. also states that the e-cigarette market should see staggering growth through 2017.


There are several benefits to owning a business with a franchise business model. A new business that has a preset business model and built-in support system makes it possible for a new business to be set up and running quickly. When the franchise already has a well-known name or product there is a pre-existing customer base. Support from the initial set-up of the new business by the franchisee helps the business owner to navigate the learning curve of owning a new business. This ongoing supports helps the business to grow into a successful part of the franchise.



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Two Types of Franchise Businesses

VG FranchiseThe two main formats for a franchise business, according to the International Franchise Association, are the business format franchise and product distribution franchise. The product distribution franchise is also referred to as traditional franchise. The business format franchise is the franchise format that is used most often as a business model. There are more than 120 industries that use franchising as their business model. These industries include the automotive, lodging, fast food, real estate, and retail products and services.
In the business format franchise the new business owner purchases from the franchise the use of the tradename, products, services, and the system for operating the franchise business. The franchisee and the franchisor maintain a continued business relationship in this business format, with the franchisee offering to the new business owner a full range of services. Some of these services may include site selection for the new business, initial and ongoing training, operating manuals, product, personnel, marketing tools, and financing. Other support can include company newsletters, toll free numbers, websites, workshops and seminars.

The product distribution franchise format focuses on a product or products the franchise owns. This type of franchise may also be referred to as a product/trade name franchise or product/trade name franchising. In this type of franchise format the franchisee manufactures and supplies product to the franchisor. Often this type of franchise business model can be found in the bottling, gasoline, automotive and other manufacturing industries.

The franchise business format is one of the most popular business models used by industries for their business format. The Small Business Administration defines franchising as a business model where a business owners sells to an independent entrepreneur the use of his licensing trademarks and methods of business. Franchising is also referred to as chains or store chains.

A key benefit of buying into a franchise business is the use of a trade name or product that may already have an established customer base. If the product or trade name has a good

reputation it is easier to draw in new customers than if the product or trade name is new or unknown.

Within the many franchise opportunities available in today’s business market, the vapor market is one of the fastest growing franchise businesses. states in their global market summary that the e-cigarette market is expected to grow to over $50 billion by 2025, and that the e-cigarette market will see staggering growth through 2017.

The business format franchise model and the product distribution franchise model both have benefits to their business format. Within the business format franchise, the new franchise business owner obtains a preset business model and built-in support system. This enables the new business to be set up and running quickly. With both franchise formats, if the franchise has a well-known name or product there will already be a built-in customer base. Ongoing support from the franchisee and a pre-existing customer base are key benefits to owning either a business format franchise or a product distribution franchise business.

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Buy A Vapor Galleria Vapor Store Franchise

Vapor Galleria is now offering you the opportunity to own your own business in a new and growing electronic cigarette industry. A booming industry that is projected to grow by $10 billion over the next 3 years. Unlike other vape store franchises, our turnkey system offers only premium products and e-liquids that are manufactured in our pristine labs right here in the USA.

Our extensive franchise experience and proven, operational system will help you build a successful business by providing you with the following benefits:

Training and access to the Franchise Support Center where our vaping experts will train you in every aspect of the business and assist you with any question you or your customers may have.

You will receive step by step coaching that will help you establish an ongoing customer base quicker and easier than on your own.

You will have preferred pricing to help you increase your margins.

We will help you manage and promote your store in the community and through social media which will enable you to get your store up and running very quickly.

Our average vapor store has seen a first year growth as much as 10% every single month from the day they opened their doors.

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced pro, a Vapor Galleria franchise can provide the vehicle you need to meet your financial goals. If you are seeking a new business venture, a business for sale, an opportunity to expand your existing e cigarette supply business, or simply seeking to gain your independence by building a financial asset for your family, you owe it yourself to consider this niche opportunity.

Watch video here:


So What Is The Right Type Of Vape Mod?

Advanced personal vaporizer or e-cigaretteFor many consumers who have switched to e-cigarettes, they start out their vaping journey with a cigalike or ego-style starter kit. After awhile, the desire for a more advanced piece of equipment normally comes to surface. These more advanced pieces, known as mods, can sometimes be difficult to acquire the right fit for your vaping habits.

Once you figure out the right kind of mod for your vaping style, picking out mods becomes much easier of a task. One of the first crossroads you will run into is the choice between fixed and variable voltage batteries. They advertise themselves as mods, as well as devices that have no circuitry at all. These are called mechanical mods and are not at all for new mod users. The problem with mods is when everything is considered a mod, how are you supposed to know what type of mod to choose? Considering you already do a little bit of vaping, you can more easily determine which features and types of mods that fit your style best. For this reason, it is a good thing that the vaping industry has advanced enough to customize any mod for exactly what you want.


The next step is to figure out the right price range for you. Once you figure out what you can afford, the shopping for a mod will also become much easier. Then you should stop and think about how much you use your current ecig. Do you run through your batteries capacity in only hours or days? Are the new sub-ohm tanks catching your eye or are you happy with the clearomizers you already know and love? A good way to answer some of these questions is to go to your local vape shop and ask a knowledgable employee.  When you figure out the type of battery that you want and also what wattage you want, it helps you narrow down the process even more.




Vaping Tips

What Are the Fundamental Differences For Vapors?

advanced vaping deviceOne of the most attractive things about vaping is the use of eLiquid or eJuice. Vapor Galleria creates and carries 100+ lab created flavors. These juices are added into an electronic cigarette or vape pen where it will be turned into vapor. Each device can differ on where the eJuice is added. Some devices require vaping cartridges, cartomizers or tanks depending on how they are designed.

So how do I know what vaping product to use?

Vaping Cartridges

eCigarettes will typically require cartridges, especially a lot of the disposable eCigs. There are different options to choose from. You can use a blank cartridge that you can fill with eLiquid or you can use prefilled cartridges which allows you to quickly change out your juice.

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