Cyclone 150w Sub Ohm Tank Review & Giveaway (Includes iStick 100w!)

GIVEAWAY: Use this link to enter to win the Sense Cyclone Tank and iStick 100w box mod…all info you’ll need is in this Google Form:

When Sense first told me about the Cyclone tank, I was intrigued! I mean, I don’t think vaping at 150w is a necessity, but who doesn’t want a great Sub Ohm tank that has the potential to actually do that, right? :-) As it turns out, this is a pretty innovative tank! Check it out with me….

If you’re interested in the juice I used in this video, check em out here:

These are solely my opinions, based on my use of these products. Please do your research, and use caution when using these devices. Buy or use at your own risk! These items were provided free so I could share them with you here on the channel. Vapor Trail Channel makes no claims regarding these items being “healthy”.

Join CASAA and help keep our right to vape! This has saved me from the nastiness of smoking cigs, and we don’t want it to be taken away from us.


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The WNW Vlog 16/09/15 – MY OPINION!!

Big Tom Vaping Reviews

Vape Talk UK –

Vape Reviews From The Cool One


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Turbo V3 and ERE RDA by Tobeco/Ohm Nation Review – VapingwithTwisted420

Intro Track = Atlantic Haze – Hush2

Turbo V3 Link…………..

ERE link…………

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Thanks for watching once again! And please…..PLEASE remember to stay sexy!

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Temp Control Talk With D. Jaquith Dicodes Edition On TVC

Join special guest D. Jaquith for a vApe as we dive whale S*** deep into temp control, wire options, safety, and much more. We also give our follow up impressions of the Dicodes Dani Extreme V2 and the Dicodes 2380/T.

If you would like to purchase the product from this video click my link below.
Titan Wires

Dicodes Official Web Page

Dicodes Dani Extreme V2
Dicodes 2380

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Vaping Caffeine?

What are electronic cigarettes and what are the benefits of using them instead of regular cigarettes?  eCigs are smoke-free, no-mess and no-smell cigarettes that are powered by a rechargeable battery. The little device can be purchased in most convenience stores and drug stores.   However, for the best selection and more knowledgeable staff, it is best to visit your local vapor store or vape shop.  eCigarettes look like cigarettes and create the sense of inhaling smoke and blowing it out. They contain nicotine for the “hit” you would normally get from a cigarette but without the high risk of cancer. The nicotine keeps cravings for a cigarette under control because you are essentially “smoking”. The ecig feels different compared to a regular cigarette, but it mimics all of the behavioral aspects of smoking a real cigarette such as holding the object, inhaling, exhaling, and enjoying the “feel” or experience of actually smoking. Ecigs are the original replacement for smoking and were developed to help people quite smoking. These tiny devices are currently produced mostly by tobacco companies. Different flavors are offered as well as different dosages of nicotine. Most ecigs these days are pretty much disposable since the newer vape cigs came on the market. Ecigs have now moved over for vaping and mods (which are enhanced vapes).

The original electronic cigarette was developed as a way to help people quit smoking. Most smokers will attest to the fact that smoking is a dangerously addictive habit and it has been proven to cause cancer, heart disease, and emphysema. Recently, cigarettes have been shown to cause bladder cancer as well.  This is pretty scary stuff!

When a person decides to quit smoking, they ask the question “what’s next?”. It’s time to visit a local vape shop. Some are located in malls or in your local shopping center.  Some vapor stores allow you to try the product and sample a lot of the ejuices. Many vape stores are on line now as well. The demand is growing in leaps and bounds as the smoking community is changing for the better. Although the general public is still leery of ecigs, vapes and mods, as advertising gets out there and more people are using the products, the mystery about these little devices will disappear.

Ecigs produce an impressive vapor or cloud. It looks, feels, and tastes like regular tobacco smoke. The vapor is created using natural organic vegetable glycerin, organic flavorings and of course nicotine, strength is up to the vape-er (which is you).  Smoking an ecig eliminates 4000 chemicals being ingested into your lungs.  You can also purchase nicotine free eliquids if you are trying to eliminate that from your body.

To activate your ecig, you simply push a button or take a “puff”. Some ecigarettes activate by simply inhaling. A tiny heater (atomizer or coil) heats the ejuice which then produces the vapor. There are no messy ashes, no lingering smelly smoke,  and no full ashtrays.  Just an enjoyable vaping experience.

Don’t know where to begin?  There are starter kits for the beginner. If you are currently a smoker, you will probably want the tobacco starter kit. They even come in menthol if that’s your flavor preference.  Nicotine is calculated for the beginner and gradually increased as you desire. If you don’t want nicotine, the ecigs can be purchased nicotine free. Are you looking for a quick boost of energy, caffeine is now available as well.

The sky is the limit when it comes to flavors  of eliguids available. There are new devices on the market and numerous models to choose from. You can purchase disposable electronic cigarettess to start and gradually move up to the more sophisticated vapes and mods.

Cost?  When you consider what smoking cigarettes costs and the health risks you take when you smoke, vaping is reasonable in price and more beneficial to your health.

The market is growing as more and more people find out just how pleasurable vaping is and that it can replace cigarette smoking. Stop by a local vapor store (or vape shop) and find out more. A serious vape shop will have knowledgeable staff on hand to help you with your needs and will show you how to get started.  They will answer all of your questions.  Considering that over a lifetime, a person can spend thousands of dollars on tobacco smoking just to end up very sick as a result, why not consider vaping?

Visit a vape shop soon. You’ll be glad you did.

For great deals on eJuice visit  To find a local Vape Shop visit



DNA30 – What’s the Deal?


DNA. It’s not even a word, just a damned acronym, yet it’s driving the vaping world crazy. But what exactly is the DNA, and how is it different from the APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) we already know? And furthermore, why is everybody losing their shit to get one?

What is a DNA?

The DNA is a chipset created by Evolv Vapor. In the simplest terms, it regulates power, delivers consistent output and provides functionality to your device. The chip is attached to a display screen that gives a readout of battery life, resistance, voltage and wattage.

The DNA chip has been through a few revisions. The most recent is the DNA30, which just so happens to have an output of 30 watts. What a coincidence!

OK, so What’s a DNA Mod?

A “DNA Mod” is a vaporizer that includes a DNA20 or DNA30 chip. They’re made by many different companies, and Evolv sells the chips to losers – I mean individuals – like us, so we can make our own DNA Mod. For this reason, the DNA Mod takes many forms (much like love and Decepticons).

Some DNA mods utilize an incorporated battery pack, and some use a high-drain 18650. Some of these allow for quick swapping of the 18650, but most are designed so that battery remains in the device until it’s dead. It just depends upon each builder’s vision.

All DNA mods that incorporate the DNA chip have the same features, so using different devices from different makers is a nearly identical experience.

Sounds Good, But Why Would I Want a DNA30?

The DNA30 allows you to use sub ohm and it holds the voltage through the battery life. DNA30 devices can regulate power down to .5 ohm. That’s a lot of power. But that’s just the beginning. If you set it to 19 watts (4.7v on a 1.1ohm coil) it’s going to put out 19 watts of power until the battery is dead. If you set it to 23 watts, you’re getting 23 watts, regardless of the resistance of whichever atomizer you thread. It’s also remarkably power efficient so your battery life is great.

DNA devices allow you to run at 10 amps, which means you can run lower ohm coils at a higher wattage. For comparison, eGos have 2.5 amp limit, the Provari V2 has a 3.5 amp limit, and the Vamo V5 and VTR are at 5 amps. And of course, mechanical mods are limited to the amp limit of the battery itself. Bottom line: you get lots of power from a DNA30, without sacrificing features, fit or finish (I’m looking at you, OKR box mods).

The DNA’s versatility means it works equally well with clearomizers, cartomizers, RDAs, RBAs. Whatever you got, it can handle. And boy, you haven’t vaped til you’ve threaded a high-end dripper to a DNA30!

DNA30 Features

I set it to 20 watts and it’ll vape at 20 watts until the battery gives in to sweet, merciful death (sorry, gotta quit listening to Cradle of Filth).

Variable Wattage
Differing resistances and different coil styles perform better at different wattages. Some juices taste better at lower settings, while others are better higher. Being able to effortlessly adjust power output to match your current atty/juice combo is a beautiful thing.

Smooth Power, No PWM
Pulse Width Modulation rapidly cycles high voltage and zero volts, turning the coil on and off very quickly to produce a set wattage. This is what causes the “rattlesnake” sound in some cheaper VV/VW devices. Many people claim PWM produces a crappy vaping experience and pisses off poisonous snakes.

Show and Tell
One quick look at the bright, clear display tells you everything you need to know. No cycling through menus, series of clicks or meters. Future versions will even tell you when you’re being a drunk asshole and it’s time to go home.

The Lock Don’t Stop
Let’s face it. Not all mechanical mods have trustworthy locking rings. If you’ve ever had one fire in your pocket accidentally, you’ll appreciate the DNA’s 5-click locking. I can see the ad campaign now… “The New DNA30 – Guaranteed Fewer Trips to the Burn Unit!”

Less Explodey
No worries about discharging the battery to dangerous levels. When you get down to 3.2V, it won’t fire. And it prevents shorted coils from firing, as well.

Just Charge it!
Most DNA devices charge by micro USB, so you can charge at your desk, in the car, or in wall plug, without removing the battery. My Nitecore barely sees use anymore, and my mods are always charged. Shocking!

It Just Works
If you’ve ever used a wonky Vamo, SID or Lavatube, you know how important this is. Over six months, using five different DNA mods, I’ve had to disconnect a battery to reset the chip precisely once. Reliability may not be sexy, but it keeps the vapor flowing.

Yeah, You Want One Now

And I don’t blame you. Since the DNA and I made a love pact, practically every other mod – VV, VW or mech – is gathering dust (it’s not you, it’s me, baby!). I get consistency, dependability and killer battery life with better performance than a mech. It’s the best of all worlds, and it’s hard to go back to anything else (even my beloved ProVari). Some say it’s the future of vaping. But the future is now, baby…

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My Favorite Atomizer & Mod Clones


I’m not here to fan the flames of the clone debate. Whether you loathe or love clones, they’re here and they’re here to stay. So I’d like to point out some of the better knock-offs I’ve had the pleasure of using over the last year. Because if there’s anything worse than a knock-off, it’s a shitty knock-off.

EHPro Kayfun Lite+ Atomizer


What it is
A 1:1 clone of the King of the RBAs, the Kayfun Lite+.

Why I Like it
Everybody makes Kayfun clones these days. But EHPro makes the best Kayfun clones. Yes, even better than the Russian 91%. The first few rounds of the EHPros were good, but the newest are practically perfect. Plus, the packaging is better and they give you more goodies. All for 1/3 the price of an authentic Kayfun Lite+, and less than half the cost of a Russian 91%.

ToBeCo Aqua Atomizer


What it is
The Aqua was supposed to be the Kayfun Killer. I’m sure you heard it: “Better Flavor! More Vapor! Better Airflow!” But after some initial excitement, it’s been mostly forgotten.

Why I Like it
OK, so the Aqua never really became the revolutionary atty it was supposed to be. But that doesn’t mean it’s not great. It is, if you possess two things: the patience to build it right, and $180. What? Yeah, that’s what the authentic ones go for. Yes, I bought one, and yes, I’m kinda pissed about it, because the ToBeCo clone is just about the same thing for the price of a couple cocktails.

AIOS Atomizer


What it is
The authentic AIOS is a tank system that uses gravity to deliver juice to your coil via mesh or SS cable. Think of an upside-down gennie. It works damn well, but is only available as a Chi You hybrid.

Why I Like it
The real ones are near impossible to find and too expensive to be limited to only using with a Chi You. This $16 clone gives me the opportunity to mess around with one of the best and most unique tank systems out there without spending a fortune.

Taifun GT Atomizer


What it is
Imagine a hybrid of a Kayfun and an RDA (or a Fogger that actually works).

Why I Like it
Taifun GT atomizers cost around $180 and only sold in Europe. That pretty much puts me out of the market for a genuine one. And that’s a damned shame, because I believe the Taifun is the only RBA that can give the Kayfun a run for its money today. It’s a damned good system that hasn’t become very popular, and I can’t understand why (read more about the Taifun GT in my review of RBAs here).

Immortalizer RDA


What it is
An odd dripper. It’s designed for use with flat ribbon kanthal and has limited airflow options.

Why I Like it
Despite the Immortalizer’s limitations, it still delivers the best flavor of any RDA I’ve ever used. (But you wanna make clouds? Forget it.) I liked it so much I bought the real thing (a standard practice for me when I find a clone I really, really like). And upon building the real thing, I discovered that the $12 clone is damn near as good as the $80 authentic. I hate when that happens.

Astro Mechanical Mod


What it is
A versatile, solid telescoping mechanical mod with a great 510 connector.

Why I Like it
Well-made from good materials with excellent fit and finish. A flexible all-around mod that can do pretty much anything you wanted for around $20. This was the best fasttech mod clone I’d ever had. Until…

Panzer Mechanical Mod


What it is
A badass. That’s what it is.

Why I Like it
I have to admit I’ve never used a real Panzer, but I’ve read numerous reports that this thing is nearly perfect. It feels solid enough to batter down a drug lord’s reinforced front door and it hits about the same. Low voltage drop, excellent threads, accurate machining. It’s pretty damned awesome.

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Give ’em the Bird! A Bird’s Nest Elixirs Review


Bird’s Nest Elixirs is one of the many new premium juice alchemists popping up to sate a vaping world crazy for the high-quality juice. But with so many options out there, is it worth your time? Funny you should ask, because I reviewed seven of their flavors just for you!


Great with a Guinness or other heavy ale. The tobacco is mild, the bourbon implied. It’s difficult to pick out any individual flavor. I sense a hint of citrus on the exhale, but I think my mouth is fooled. Dry, clean exhale, very smooth on the draw. Flavorful, but not intense. A great choice for an All Day Vape.

Good for: A couple with big choices to make

Goes well with: old musty books, fake Waterford crystal from Sam’s Club and cassette mixes.


Another flavor with an implied citrus finish, though Bird’s Nest claims there’s no citrus in there. The strawberry is present in the undertones of the base. This is a lovely flavor, but competes with food and drink. Best enjoyed between meals. Good for summer – perhaps on a trail or under a veranda.

Good for: a girl named Tara

Goes well with: nature stuff, big floppy straw hats, pretentious parasols


My issue with citrus is it overpowers every other flavor and the juice often comes off acidic. Uproar does not suffer that fate. There’s just enough vanilla base to balance the orange. Expertly balanced and satisfying in a dripper or Kayfun style atomizer. Mixes well with wheat beers and IPAs. BNE recommends two-week aging, and I can confirm this juice really does improve over time.

Good for:a girl named Lisa

Goes well with: fish, sushi, things with tentacles, bad sci-fi


There’s a carmel implication, despite the fact this is a coffee hazelnut flavor. Winter spices (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg) are present, but not overwhelming. Like many of Bird’s Nest’s flavors, there’s an inherent complexity that challenges the palate, but this juice is less delicate than their others. I’m not picking up a lot of coffee… at least not real coffee. Perhaps more of a carmel macchiato with spice. The hazelnut becomes evident with repeated draws. A delicious vape!

Good for: a guy named Forrest

Goes well with: Afghans, caftans and wool scarves


I have been trying to decipher this flavor for two months, and it’s still a mystery. The mildly sweet cream is promising on the draw, but it’s an odd exhale. I still don’t know what to make of this juice, and I admit I’m disappointed every time I fill my Kayfun. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just not my thing. Comes alive at higher power settings in an dripper.

Good for: people who don’t write for onVaping

Goes well with: honeysuckle dreams, goldenrod peasant tops, a broken jet ski


Delicious honey with a coconut undertone. Build yourself a nice dual coil and crank this one up to release a savory flavor experience. Tastes great in a Kayfun, but like most of Birds Nest’s juices, you’ve got to give it a spin in a dripper. After two months, I’ve yet to tire of this one.

Good for: a lady named Sarah

Goes well with: Vox amplifiers, high-end plastic dinnerware, airport magazines, fond memories of distant friends


You like pipe tobacco? This is a serious tobacco flavor. Warm, with just a hint of apple and a slight peppery undertone. Lots of vapor and a dry exhale. I actually like this on a lower power setting in a dripper to bring out the smooth richness. This is a seriously strong flavor with a satisfying throat hit. Tobacco fans need to try this bold blend.

Good for: a man with “The Third” at the end of his name

Goes well with: well-worn slippers, a globe bar filled with mid-range scotch, facial hair


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Three Months with a Protovapor XPV – An In Depth Review


I was fortunate to order the new DNA30 version of the Protovapor XPV back in February, before Protovapor was overwhelmed with orders and underwhelmed with supplies. How does this unique DNA30 mod perform? Read on…

What is the Protovapor XPV?


The Protovapor XPV is a DNA-equipped personal vaporizer. The original XPV featured an Evolv DNA20 chip. The next version implemented the DNA30 when it debuted in early 2014.

The XPV is hand-assembled. The body is constructed of aluminum, with various bits and flair made of plastic. It has a relatively large firing switch that can be ordered in smooth or clicky versions, and in several colors. In fact, the aluminum body, as well as the plastic trim can all be ordered in a variety of colors. You can also choose whether you want a pocket clip or not.

The device has a simple 510 connector (more on this later) and a choice of 18650 batteries, including Sony 2600mAh US18650VTC5, AW 1600mAh 18650 or LG 2500mAh 18650HE2. They are soldered in place, and considered not user-serviceable, unless you really trust your skills with a soldering iron. The XPV charges via micro USB (mostly DNA30 devices do) and includes a charge indicator light. Yay!

What’s Good About the XPV?

Because it’s made of mostly aluminum, the XPV is light. It is also relatively compact, measuring in at 115mm x 24mm x 24mm. From there it’s relatively standard DNA fare. If you’ve used one DNA device, you’ve pretty much used them all.

Battery life is quite good with any of the 18650 options, and should get most vapers through the day. If you’re like me, and either in front of a computer or in the car all day, the USB charging feature is very handy. My XPV rarely goes under 50% charge.

Waiting for a custom mod is a drag. Protovapor goes to great lengths on their site to publicize their waiting period. When you place your order, you know how long the wait will be. This is a very good thing, and I wish more companies in the vaping world did it. From what I’ve heard from other owners, Protovapor usually hits their deadlines. (Mine was two days late, but who’s counting?)

So What’s Bad?

Aluminum is light, but not particularly sturdy. I have yet to drop my XPV, but I can’t imagine it would react well to pavement. Typically I wrap my high-dollar mods, but with all the recesses, creases and bits of extruding flair, I can’t imagine getting a wrap around this thing. For this reason, I chose the extra safety of the pocket clip, but the XPV is still rather fragile.

One way the XPV differs from most DNA devices is it uses a rocker switch for wattage up/down. In theory, this seems like a good idea. In practice, not so much. The mushy, inaccurate rocker is right below the firing switch, and inadvertent wattage changes occur frequently. “But wait,” you say! “The DNA30 has a wattage lock feature!” It does indeed. However, to enable the wattage lock, you press both up and down buttons simultaneously. The choice of rocker switch means this feature can’t be used on a device that really needs it.

Some of the plastic finish on the XPV seems to be 3D printed. After just a few months, those pieces are dirty and beginning to show signs of wear. Not good. Not good at all.

This is nit-picky, I realize, but I hate the placement of the readout window. When firing, you’ve got to flip the mod around 180-degrees to check your battery/resistance/whatever. It just makes more ergonomic sense that the readout window would be on the same face as the switch.

OK, deep breath. Let’s talk about the 510 connector, where the XPV really struggles.

Failure to Connect

The XPV’s 510 connector isn’t bad, per se. It’s just… normal. And that’s not good enough on a $200 device with a 2-3 month waiting period. Protovapor recently introduced a much-improved 510, but that’s too little too late for the devices that have already shipped (and they have turned down my request for an upgrade).

The XPV has been around for a while, and it was well-known that the connector had the problem many do – the pin pushes down little by little until it no longer makes contact. Thankfully, this is not difficult to remedy. Just remove the four screws from the top of the device and it’s very simple to push the pin back into place. But again, this is simply not good enough for a $200 mod. And it’s even more frustrating that the makers knew about this problem. Hell, they even ship you a tighter o-ring to use around the pin that MIGHT fix the problem. Why they didn’t install it themselves before shipping is a mystery.


I was thrilled when my XPV arrived. I had a few other DNA mods, but this one was smaller, more tote-able and just seemed “different.” After a few months, the XPV has worked its way into my daily carry rotation, nudging out my ProVaris, which are doing a great job sitting in a vape stand, weeping with loneliness. The XPV is simply convenient. It fits in my pocket, has great battery life, can be charged at my workstation, and most importantly, it’s got that DNA magic.

However, this is a flawed device. The old connector is flat-out bad. For $200, I should not have to disassemble my device and futz with the firing pin. The new version shipping with an improved connector will be better, but that’s not the only flaw. As I mentioned previously, it’s also fragile, the plastic pieces are cheap, and the wattage selector switch is a poor design.

Bottom Line

The Protovapor XPV is a decent mod, but not worth $200. What it does well is a product of the DNA chip, and there are more and more high-powered, variable-wattage options out there every day. For the price of an XPV, you can do better, or you can pay less and get a device of similar quality. I would recommend passing on the Protovapor XPV.

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Back to The Dripper


That crazed man approached, his head a frozen explosion of white cotton candy. Gesturing madly in his lab coat, he said to me, “Marky, we’ve got to go back! Back to the Dripper!”

“But Doctor, that’s impossible. The power necessary to fire that coil… too many jigawatts…” I half queried, half-exclaimed.

The congenial madman closed in, squaring his eyes to mine. Gripping my shoulders, he replied, “No. Not jigawatts. In fact, 30 watts is going to be plenty for where we’re going.”

Seduced by Simplicity

I admit it. I got sidetracked. You might even say I was seduced by the siren call of the RTA. The Kayfun, Aqua, Taifun… they drew me in. Especially the Kayfun. So buildable, so reliable, so versatile. As the days went on and the clouds blew by, I found myself using it almost exclusively.

Then one day I needed a dripper. While working on a review of several juices, I realized I needed to swap out flavors quickly and repeatedly. I dusted off the trusty Igo-W, TOBH and Atomic. You won’t believe what happened next.

OK, you will believe it. See, I was reminded how great it is to drip.

You Want Flavor? You Want Vapor?

When I think dripper, the first thing that comes to mind is flavor. There’s a reason for that. Even the best RTA just can’t compete with a dripper for pure taste sensation. Look, the Kayfun has great flavor (the Aqua even better). But when I want to really taste the juice, it’s got to be dripping time. And once you get used to a well-built RDA, it’s hard to be entirely satisfied with even the best RTA.

Furthermore, I’d become so accustomed to the tank lifestyle, I forgot what it was like to really blow clouds. A well-built Kayfun produces enough vapor when I’m at work or out in public, but at home, I want to paint the room with clouds. There’s still only one true king for cloud creation, and that’s the dripper. Even the baddest gennie doesn’t compare.

Let’s Get Nuts

As easy as it is to build a Kayfun, SQuape or Taifun (Aqua, get the fuck out of here, you complicated bastard), an RDA is easier. And it’s fun. There are fewer fiddly bits to fiddle, and you get instant payoff.

And when you want to get really crazy, the RDA is the most convenient coil-building platform. Twist that kanthal and build yourself a clapton coil. It’s gonna work great on an RDA. Quad coils? No problem. Octo-coils? You can do that, too! Vertical parrallel barrels? Why the fuck not?

Kickass Mods Make Kickass Clouds

In that time since I had really used an RDA I acquired some pretty kickass mods, capable of putting out more than the typical 4.7 volts of a mechanical. The great thing about a DNA20/30 or an OKR mod is you don’t NEED to build a sub-ohm coil to get great performance. Or you can if you want to. The versatility of this new wave of regulated mods makes dripping even better than I remembered.

I’m here to witness – you haven’t truly vaped til you’ve fired a killer quad-coil build on a 50 watt box mod.

Designs to Perform

Once, I was satisfied with my humble Igo-W and Immortalizer. But things have changed, baby. The newest generation of RDAs offers so much more. More deck room for unique builds. Unique and creative designs for easy quad coils. Deeper wells for extra juice. More airflow (don’t assume drilling airholes is automatically necessary).

The TOBH might be the best all-around RDA I’ve used. With FUNCTIONAL cooling fins (sorry, Patriot), a deeper juice well, and a removable top cap, it’s just about perfect. That top cap might be my favorite feature. It means you don’t have to take off the entire cap to refill, which means less juice all over your mod and/or hands.

The Nucleus is the RDA completely rethought and redesigned. There is no build deck. There’s a “core” that is removed from a central shaft (sounds tech-y and hot, huh?). You then build dual or quad coils (just go for quad) onto the core, and reinsert it into the body. Super easy, and it provides a huge juice well. Plus, you get to feel like a nuclear engineer.

But my current favorite RDA is probably the Magma, though it has one significant drawback. Designed for dual coils, lengthy wicks dip into a deep juice well that is partially chambered. It’s a delight to build and performs fantastically. My only issue is the top cap is screwed on. Filling through the drip tip hole is possible, but I prefer to remove the cap, which typically nudges the airflow ring out of place. Give me a Magma with a press-on top cap, and I’m ready to declare it the perfect RDA.

We’ve Got to Go Back!

Are you sold yet? If you haven’t enjoyed some RDA love recently, I urge you to go back and visit. In today’s Aerotank, Nautilus and Kayfun dominated world, it’s easy to forget that dripping is still the purest, most satisfying form of vaping.


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