The “Two-Year Countdown” On Vaping Products Begin

vapor galleriaAugust 8, 2016 marked a momentous day for vapers and vape shops everywhere as the FDA dropped strict regulation on the selling of new and old vaping products. The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act from the FDA (US Food and Drug Association) has made it so all vaping products are now considered to be “tobacco products.”


So what affect does this have for vaping and vape shops?


The decision is being described by George Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, as a “two-year countdown to FDA prohibition of 99.9% of vapor products on the market.” That seems to be pretty extreme, but he sticks to his claim that if the ruling is not overturned, the vaping industry will be menial after two years.


To understand this claim, let’s analyze what exactly is covered under the ruling and how that will affect vapor stores everywhere:


Virtually Everything Is A Tobacco Product


This means that vaping products are presently subject to regulation by the FDA, this does include nicotine-free and synthetic nicotine products. This leaves a limit on what products are and aren’t legal to sell. Hence vape shops may not be able to sell your favorite product to you.


Moreover, if the product wasn’t commercially marketed on or before August 8 it cannot be introduced into the market. Modifications to prevailing products can neither occur.


Changes For Vape Shop Owners/Employees


There are multiple new storeowner procedures regarding age verification, free samples, labeling, and even helping customers with product setup. You’ll want to inform yourself of all the regulations that are now in effect as there will be surely more to come. The next big date is December 31, 2016 when manufacturers (including importers) must register their establishment(s) and individual products in order to continue selling in the US.


You can visit the American Vaping Association’s website for further information on the FDA ruling and how you will be affected.